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My scholarly work is rooted in a commitment to partnership with community leaders for collaborative knowledge production that strives to disrupt white supremacy, settler colonialism, and systemic inequities. Below you will find some of the recent projects I have been working on, in addition to some of my past work.


If you have any questions about the projects below, or ideas for collaboration, please visit the Contact page to get in touch!

Latest Projects

New Directions in Chicanx and Latinx Studies OER Textbook and Ancillary Materials

The purpose of this project is to create a new OER textbook and ancillary materials for the course Introduction to Chicana/o/x Latina/o/x Studies. We will address current and emerging needs for CLS and Ethnic Studies where it has been established that OER is lacking, with course materials that will be available for adoption in Winter 2023. The text is intended to be used by instructors who teach courses that fulfill the recently implemented Ethnic Studies general education requirement and related courses.

New Directions in Chicanx and Latinx Studies OER textbook and ancillary materials is a collaborative project between four CCC faculty of color, part-time and full-time, in different districts across the staterepresenting Southern California, the Central Coast, and Northern California. All team members are Ethnic Studies practitioners who bring diverse perspectives and unique areas of expertise.

Funded by Open Educational Resources Initiative (OERI) of the Academic Senate for the California Community Colleges. Learn more about OERI here

OER Textbook and Ancillary Materials for Introduction to Ethnic Studies

We are creating a brand-new OER textbook with ancillary materials to be used in courses titled “Introduction to Ethnic Studies” or similar offerings. This will address a key financial need for students in the implementation of the new Ethnic Studies general education requirement, including ones that meet the Area F requirement for CSU GE and courses that fulfill Ethnic Studies major requirements. This project fills a dire gap in OER texts that can be used in Ethnic Studies courses.

Team members are all current (and one former) CCC faculty members who represent diverse backgrounds and varied expertise across the five traditional disciplines of Ethnic Studies: African American/Black Studies, Asian American Studies, Chicanx/Latinx Studies, Native American Studies, and Comparative Ethnic Studies. The team includes full-time and part-time instructors who teach in 8 different districts across the state, covering Northern California, the Central Coast, and Southern California.

Funded by Open Educational Resources Initiative (OERI) of the Academic Senate for the California Community Colleges. Learn more about OERI here

"La Gente Unida: Immigrant Health and Advocacy in California's Central Coast"

Dissertation project with the Department of Sociology at the University of California Santa Barbara. Current and forthcoming publications address key health needs, mental health, language barriers, and advocacy strategies. Data from this project has also been used to inform local, state, and national policymakers.  

View Project Website Here

Download the Dissertation Here

Co-Principal Investigator, "Mi Gente, Nuestra Salud: A People’s Movement for Health," Center for Health Research, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Lead university-community partnerships to close health equity gaps by creating a movement to transform engagement into health ownership. Coordinate with Latinx Immigrant and Indigenous peoples, elected officials, and healthcare workers in Santa Maria. Mentor students and co-investigators to conduct ethical, culturally responsive research methods. Establish, facilitate, and evaluate a Community Advisory Board and Regional Equity team (Co-Principal Investigators: Drs. Suzanne Phelan & Marilyn Tseng).


View Project Website Here


"Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant," Gala Pride and Diversity Center

Design and implement a community-engaged process that centers BIPOC voices in developing responsive organizational policy for racial justice and equity. Create accessible materials and facilitate critical conversations to inform effective programs and practices. 


Read more about the Gala Pride and Diversity Center and View the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement Here.

"Mental Health Needs and Assets of Monolingual Spanish Speakers in Northern Santa Barbara County, CA"

Collaboration with the Lived Experience Advocacy Development (LEAD) team with Transitions-Mental Health Association in San Luis Obispo, CA

Read more about the LEAD Program Here.

"Ethnic Enclaves" in Oxford Bibliographies in Sociology, edited by Lynette Spillman. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

This is a first-author collaboration on an encyclopedic bibliography for Oxford Bibliographies in Sociology

Access the Article Here.

“Protect. Respect. Wear Your Mask Campaign.”

County of Santa Barbara, California. COVID-19 Awareness campaign that was posted on County of Santa Barbara's Facebook (Available Online), Instagram (Available Online), and Twitter pages (Available Online).

Featured on regional and city transit bus advertisements throughout Santa Barbara County

"Decolonial-Inspired Ethnography: Centering Indigeneity in Culturally Responsive Evaluation with Latinx Immigrant Communities."

This is a paper that analyzes how decolonial-inspired methods are useful for culturally responsive evaluation with diverse groups, especially Latinx communities.

Manuscript under review with New Directions for Evaluation

"Movement Pandemic Adaptability: Mobilizing for Latinx Immigrant Health During COVID-19."

This manuscript amplifies the knowledge of immigrant health advocates as they navigated the spread of COVID-19 and the early government and public responses. Latinx Immigrant communities use creative strategies that draw from a legacy of resilience to offer new models for leadership in a post-COVID world.

Manuscript in progress with International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

"LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Curriculum Report"

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo student contributors and I researched the curriculum offerings that are most relevant to LGBTQ+ students. The findings can be accessed at the link below.


View Report Here

“Three Strikes and You’re Out: Culture, Facilities, and Participation among LGBTQ Youth in Sports.”

I was the featured third author for this article on LGBTQ Youth and Sports. We found that facility access affects sports participation among LGBTQ youth.

Read the Full Article Here

"The Care-Advocacy Paradox: How Social Movement Organizers Strategize in Support of People Living with HIV/AIDS"

This is my Master's thesis project in full. Oral history interviews from ACT UP! organizers revealed a paradox where AIDS movement activists mobilized for life saving treatment and policies at the risk of repression and violence. 

Download Here

Senior Project/Thesis: "Know Your Status: Alleviating Stigma from the HIV Positive Community of San Luis Obispo"

My senior project analyzed the creation and implementation of a community intervention to decrease HIV stigma and increase access to testing among college students. This program was institutionalized as a partnership between local service providers and the university.


Download Here

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